Proposed Museum of Political Corruption Seeks Support

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Museum of Political CorruptionThere is a campaign to build The Museum of Political Corruption in Albany, New York. The campaign was started by and is being lead by College of Saint Rose Professor Bruce Craig Roter. With it’s motto of “it’s funny, but it’s serious”, it’s hoped the Museum will be a unique tourist attraction.

The museum is expected to serve as a reminder and cautionary tale to elected officials to uphold the high ethical standards demanded of their offices. “While there will be a good amount of humor, it will be used as a gateway to examine the serious subject of corruption in NY state politics,” Roter told The New York History Blog. “Museum goers will pay entrance bribes rather than fees, refreshments will be served at the Cozy Crony Cafe, and the museum auditorium will be called Tammany Hall.”

Roter said the museum’s mission will be to portray the history of corruption in New York politics from colonial times to the present and offers. “This is an opportunity to make alive for the public an important segment of New York political history, allow the public to react to that history, and in doing so, perhaps have an influence on the future state of New York’s politics,” Roter said.

The Museum is in the planning stage and needs experts to develop it content. Without a brick being laid (or thrown) the Museum concept has already been reported by the New Yorker Magazine, The Huffington Post, the Albany Times Union and MSN-Money.

The campaign can be followed on Twitter @CorruptMuseum.

For more information contact Dr. Bruce Roter via the Museum’s website at or directly at

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