HGTV’S ‘Who’s Lived In My House’ Casting Homeowners

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HGTV SeriesDid a former president or politician live in your home?  Was your home a hotbed for contraband liquor during the depression?  Did you discover a secret passage that housed runaway slaves during the civil war?  Perhaps your home may have a secret you never imagined that has left you wondering: Who Has Lived in My House?

HGTV is producing a television series about people who lived in homes that have a unique history and they are looking for people willing to share their stories.

If you or someone you know has a home revelation, secret or discovery e-mail them at with your story. Include your name, age, location, photos and as many details about the home and the stories you’ve discovered. More information about the series can be found online.


2 thoughts on “HGTV’S ‘Who’s Lived In My House’ Casting Homeowners

  1. Kathleen Foley

    A year or 2 after I moved into this old stone house in 2006, the Ulster County (NY) historian, Anne Gordon, let me know that Sojourner Truth had lived here for a few years as a slave child. This house was a jug tavern owned by Martinus Shryver who purchased Sojourner Truth from a previous slave owner. According to Sojourner Truth, it was a happy time in her childhood. The new owner didn’t beat her or punish her, and she learned about dancing and cursing and drinking and gambling from the patrons of the tavern!


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