New York Times Op-Ed: The Threat to the Palisades

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Palisades LG“The building can be redesigned. The Palisades and the Hudson River cannot.”

This simple statement closed an op-ed by four former New Jersey governors in the New York Times last week. In the piece, the governors — two Democrats and two Republicans — write about the threat LG’s proposed tower in Englewood Cliffs would pose to the Palisades, and they highlight a win-win solution:

“As former governors of New Jersey, we fully recognize the importance of economic development. But we also strongly believe that there is a way for LG to have all of its desired office space and new jobs while protecting the Palisades. The company can achieve those goals by choosing a low-rise design for its 27-acre tract and building within a 35-foot height limit respected for decades by all other companies next to the park.”

The op-ed comes on the heels of recent letters sent by local and national leaders expressing similar concerns. As the governors mention, the mayors of six New Jersey communities wrote to top LG executives [pdf] opposing the planned construction.

Meanwhile, the director of the National Parks Service, Jonathan B. Jarvis, wrote to the planning board in Englewood Cliffs that LG’s plan “threatens the nationally significant, historic scenic integrity of the Palisades in a major way.”

Protect the Palisades, a coalition of individuals and organizations in New Jersey, New York, and across America, is working to preserve the Hudson River Palisades. The coalition was formed in response to the plan by LG Electronics to build a towering corporate headquarters that will mar the Palisades’ historic landmark views. Protect the Palisades is asking those concerned about this issue to write a letter to CEO Bon-Joon Koo, and ask others to do the same.


One thought on “New York Times Op-Ed: The Threat to the Palisades

  1. Bob Ulrich

    I already wrote to LG Corp explaining that I presently own 5 LG room a/c’s, plus a TV and a microwave. These will be the very LAST LG purchases I would ever make if they go ahead with their plans for this eyesore.

    My REAL question is, “How do we get to the town fathers of Englewood Cliffs NJ, and find out how much they received for this outrageous change in their own zoning codes to issue that building permit. They are totally responsible for it being allowed, and I believe they need to be closely scrutinized for misuse of their powers.”


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