Understanding Slavery in Colonial New York

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ceasarThe Irvington HIstorical Society will present a lecture by 2012 New Netherland Institute Senior Scholar Dr. Dennis Maika on understanding slavery in colonial New York on Sunday, February 9 at 3:00 pm at the Irvington Public Library.

When most Americans imagine their country’s experience with slavery, their perceptions are typically influenced by an understanding of the 19th century American South in the decades before the Civil War. Less well known is the long history of slavery in Colonial New York which began in the early days of seventeenth century New Netherland and ended officially in the decades after the Revolution.

For almost 175 years, the experience of enslaved people and their enslavers in colonial New
York was uniquely different from the rest of the American colonies. Dr. Maika will examine distinctive features of New York slavery, the changing experiences of enslaved Africans and their masters over time, and the opportunities and challenges posed by historical evidence. He will include some history of the enslavement at Philipsburg Manor.

This presentation will be on Sunday, February 9 at 3:00 pm at the Irvington Public Library.in the Library Program Room of the Irvington Public Library, 12 South Astor Street, in Irvington, NY, phone (914) 591-7840. All Welcome; Refreshments Will Be Served; Snow Date: Sunday, March 2, 3pm at the Library.

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