Erie Canalway Trail Map Updated For Mobile Devices

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Erie Canalway Interactive MapParks & Trails New York’s (PTNY) interactive map of the Erie Canalway Trail — the cross-state route between Buffalo and Albany along the Erie Canal — has been updated and optimized for mobile devices.

With GPS-enabled capability, users can find exactly where they are relative to the Trail and easily locate nearby attractions and services, including museums, historic sites, parks, lodging, bike shops, restaurants, convenience stores, ATMs, pharmacies, and hardware stores. Parking areas and handicapped accessible trailheads are also included.

Since the original site launched in 2008, the award-winning Cycling the Erie Canalway Trail interactive map has helped thousands of visitors plan their journeys along the Erie Canal. As more and more visitors are using web-enabled devices, PTNY created an optimized version of the map that functions on both desktop PCs as well as smartphones and tablet devices. The revised map features improved search functions and a new distance measuring tool, as well as GPS.

Users can view the entire Erie Canalway Trail, from Buffalo to Albany, or zoom in for more detail. They can pan or scroll through the entire route, choose a specific region to explore, or find the location of a particular attraction, lodging establishment or bike. Many of the points of interest feature a web-link for more information. The updated map can be found on the Parks & Trails New York website.

Parks & Trails New York also offers a companion guidebook to the Erie Canalway Trail, Cycling the Erie Canal, with 42 color maps and interpretive information, as well as tips on cycling, travel and trip preparation—all in a handy 5” by 9” spiral-bound package that can easily be tucked into a saddle bag, backpack, or car glove compartment. The organization also organizes a supported bike tour along the Erie Canalway Trail every July that attracts more than 500 cyclists. More information on the guidebook and bike tour, plus other Erie Canalway Trail resources, can be found at

Parks & Trails New York is a statewide advocate for parks and trails, dedicated since 1985 to improving the health and quality of life of all New Yorkers through the use and enjoyment of green space. Parks & Trails New York has worked with more than 275 community organizations and municipalities to develop and maintain a network of parks and trails throughout New York State. The organization’s “Close the Gaps” campaign is dedicated to completing the last 75 miles of the Erie Canalway Trail to achieve a 365-mile continuous, off-road trail between Buffalo and Albany.

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  1. Patty Campbell

    More off the road bike trails in NYS is fantastic! It would be great too if Amtrak would allow bikes on board.


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