Positions in Public Humanities Grants Available

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grants-landing-pagePositions in Public Humanities, part of the National Endowment for the Humanities’ (NEH) America’s Historical and Cultural Organizations (AHCO) grant program, are intended to reinvigorate the interpretation of the humanities at museums and historical organizations.

As part of an AHCO grant request, organizations are invited to request a supplement for a Position in Public Humanities. This program supports two-year, entry-level positions at museums, historical societies, and historic sites for recent graduates of public humanities programs (MA or PhD) whose expertise is critical to a project’s success.

In funding these positions at selected museums and historical organizations, NEH seeks to strengthen AHCO projects by incorporating fresh ideas and perspectives. We also hope to give new graduates meaningful experience working in public humanities institutions. We anticipate funding up to ten two-year positions at a salary of $30,000/year.

The next application deadline for America’s Historical and Cultural Organizations is August 14. Complete application guidelines may be found on the NEH website at http://www.neh.gov/grants

More information about Positions in Public Humanities is available at http://www.neh.gov/files/grants/positions_in_public_humanities.pdf (PDF).


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