State Library Puts Military History Records Online

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In 1895, Governor Morton appointed a state historian whose duties were “to collect… edit, and prepare for publication all official records… and data, relative to the colonial wars, war of the revolution, war of 1812, Mexican war and war of the rebellion.” The New York State Library recently digitized the State historian’s 1st Annual Report (1895), 2nd Annual Report (1896) and 3rd Annual Report (1897). The 2nd Annual Report includes Volume 1 of the Colonial Muster Rolls for 1664-1760 (Appendix H); the 3rd Annual Report includes Volume II of the Colonial Muster Rolls (Appendix M), as well as an index of names contained in the Colonial Muster Rolls (pages 899-1130). The annual reports of the State Historian are among the many historical documents that the New York State Library has made freely available online. [Link]

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